We are The Makers Hacker Team We here deliver a Message out to the world on the reguards to Israel and the US. Stop the Murder of Palestinians. for the last couple years, Israel has bloackade around Gaza. Millions are trapped on built-up stretch Land. The Israelis only gave the Palestinians few minutes to leave their homes before they blow it up. nobody is safe anymore. The Media is censoring the truth in Gaza. They do not want the world to see the dead Women, Mens, and Childrens. The media would prefer to us people to only see the one-side garbage report put out by CNN and Fox News. due to the Blindness of many people It is time for the world to stand up and say enough is enough. Israel we heard enough of your exuses and it's always the same ones over and over again stating you guys have the "Rights" to defend yourselves. but question is "From what?" The Palestinians has no weapon unlike this. they are also human-beings like yourselves who also have the rights to live but have no means to defend themselves? Think about the cries of the childrens, imagine if your loved one was be-headed in front of your eyes how would it feel to cry just to know the world we live and know today is Hell. Greetings from: We are the Makers Hacker Team

MaKeRS HacKer TeAM

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